Online Shopping in Pakistan Then And Now!

May 26, 2023 0 Comments

Some technical and academic constraints to the rapid growth of online shopping couple of years ago included reachability of a stable internet connection and devices which can access the web application used to buy or sell something online. Furthermore, there was a lack of trust from the average buyer; people still preferred retail shops than to buy stuff online. A website or mobile application just didn’t have enough convincing power to lock down a deal with the buyer and sales from these portals was limited.

Come 2017, online shopping as a concept has emerged to be the hottest most sought-after consumer buying trend of all time. People are constantly on the lookout for latest offers, slashed prices on their favorite products and convenience of buying merchandise from the comfort of their couches. Online shopping in Pakistan is a formidable industry generating enough revenue to be noticed. The average consumer is interested, trusts the website to provide products as displayed and feel comfortable ordering products online.

Another benefit of Home shopping Pakistan is the reachability of vendors that didn’t have any presence other than their retail stores. Now, they don’t have to think about generating new sales channels and just host their products online with a nominal fee. This works as a cohesive, all in one business model where all stakeholders involved including vendors, customers and logistics staff ultimately win. Vendors who don’t have adequate visibility for their products can entice and lure in customers from all over the country.

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