Reseller Hosting Overview

March 19, 2023 0 Comments

With all the competition going on in the web hosting industry, we should not forget the competition put out by reseller hosting. By the name of it, we may well draw a conclusion that such companies would be a smaller scaled company compared to web hosting companies. But actually, what is a reseller hosting? Basically, a reseller hosting is a company that manage more than one website. This business of being a reseller has gotten bigger because there are more and more individuals wanting their own domain name in the internet. It is also an upcoming trend because this is a profitable part time business with more people wanting more than one domain account. There are two kind of reseller out there. The first one is traditional reseller and the second one is the private reseller hosting. The traditional reseller hosting is like a bulk reseller. This simply means that the entire web server is sold and then separated into smaller portions. These smaller portions are then purchased by smaller reseller web host. This means that the bulk reseller only have to deal with one customer. The smaller reseller company will deal with theirs. There are benefits for both parties of reseller because the smaller reseller will not have to manage the technical requirements of the website while the bulk reseller do not have to manage many but only one web server. For a private reseller, the identity of the real web host is hidden, hence the name private reseller hosting. In this case the name of the smaller reseller hosting appears instead of the main reseller host. This makes them the owner of the hosting service. This method is often used in marketing tactics. As a small reseller company, they might be looked down by consumers. Therefore, this private way is great fro small reseller companies to compete among its competition. If you need any kind of information on this article related topic click here: Best reseller hosting

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