Google Voice – How to Receive Calls Without Using Minutes

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

There are many ways to implement VoIP. Perhaps the closest we have come to having a standardized system is the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP, but many different Internet service providers implement their own flavor of VoIP. Google Voice is one such example and it is notable because it is able to provide people with a free US telephone number as well. This means it is possible to both make and receive calls using Google Voice. There are many ways to go about it.

It easiest to set up your Google Voice number with Gmail calling. By default, the settings page already routes all incoming calls to GTalk. And using the inbuilt calling functionality, you can even make calls to anyone having a US or Canadian telephone number. All over the Internet – for free.

Making and receiving these calls from a mobile device is more problematic. One way is to download an app that mimics the GTalk protocol such as GrooveIP. It’s one of the more popular applications and converts your phone into a Google Voice powered device. Incoming calls will ring your phone and you can make outgoing ones as well. Talkatone is an example of an app found on the iOS store.

But one of the disadvantages of using these services is that you do not have true “SIP forking”. In other words, multiple devices will not ring at the same time since Google doesn’t seem to support that functionality. It means you can’t just carry around whatever device you want and have the assurance that it will ring when you receive a call. For that, you need to jump through a few more hoops.

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